How To Use the ExiTrip

Transmit Audio



Wireless Microphone




How to Transmit Audio

  1. Insert 2 AA batteries into Battery Holder. A red LED on the circuit board will light up.

  2. The Transmitter automatically tunes itself to 91.1 FM. To tune the ExiTrip higher, push the toggle switch to the right (away from the microcontroller). The light on the circuit board will blink while you are tuning the transmitter. Note that there is no display to tell you what station you are on. Instead, you can estimate this by counting the number of times the light flashes. Each flash represents 1/10th of a megahertz.. so 91.1, 91.2, 91.3 etc

  3. To input audio into the tranmitter, plug the 1/8th inch jack into any female mono or stereo 1/8th inch source. Make sure the volume on the audio source is set to an appropriate level, as clipping may occur at high volumes.

  4. Tune an FM radio reciever to a station that is mostly static. Note the station you are on. Now, using the toggle switch on the ExiTrip and counting the pulses of light, tune the transmitter to the station you have your radio set to. You should hear whatever audio you have going into the ExiTrip. If there is no input, you will hear silence instead of static.

  5. To power off the ExiTrip, simple push in on the Toggle Switch. The light will turn off. This will allow the transmitter to stay on the last station you tuned it to. To reset the ExiTrip to 91.1, remove the batteries from the battery pack.


Doing feedback with the ExiTrip is an easy and fun way to synthesize sound. You will need two radios and at least one must have a headphone out.

  1. Tune one of the radios to a station that has mostly static.
  2. Note the station number you are on
  3. Tune your ExiTrip to the station as displayed on your radio (you might need to play around with the exact tuning to get the clearest signal)
  4. You will know you are on the correct frequency when you hear silence instead of static on the radio
  5. Tune the other radio to the same station. Make sure you only hear silence instead of static on that station.
  6. Plug the 1/8th inch audio jack on the ExiTrip into the headphone out of one of the radios.
  7. Turn up the volume on the second radio. You should hear some weird sounds. Play around with antenna alignment, volume on the second radio, and tuning the radios to create variations in the feedback loop.



Relaying a signal from one transmitter to another is an excellent way to extend the range of your transmission in a (ahem) legal manner. This technique is ripe for sculptural, spatial, and conceptual possibilities. To do this, you must have multiple ExiTrips and multiple radios.

  1. Pair each reciever to an ExiTrip.
  2. Follow the tuning instructions given above in steps 1 - 4 of "How to transmit audio" and tune each Transmitter / Receiver (TXRX) pair to a usable radio station.
  3. Now systematically plug each tuned reciever into an ExiTrip other than the one it was tuned with to create a chain of TXRX pairs. Leave on receiver and one transmitter seperate.
  4. A sound source plugged into the lone Exitrip will be retransmitted by each TXRX pair to the next until the signal reaches the lone receiver.